About internet collaboration site

  1. Global Grocery List - collaborative project allowing students to compare the prices of food stuff
  2. Cyberfair - collaborative student project the encourages students to showcase local places of interest
  3. Virtual field trips and other collaborative projects
  4. Ask an Expert - students have the opportunity to get advice from an expert in the field
  5. WebQuests Homepage - Bernie Dodge's homepage for those wanting WebQuest information. This is a powerful tool for integrating web resources into the classroom.
  6. Ozline.com - helping educators work the web (web quest help tools)
  7. Distance Collaborations - Give your students a chance to work with another group of students elsewhere in the world on a join web page project.
  8. Filamentality - Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into learning activities.
  9. Blue Web n' - list of "blue ribbon" educational websites and lesson plans
  10. Blackboard - on line class that offer a chance for teacher collab oration.
  11. ClassWebs - A Class Web is a web site created by a teacher or other educator specifically for his or her students. Class Webs provide students with learning environments where they can access information, collaborate with others, and express their knowledge and experience.
  12. NiceNet - A powerful Web based conferencing, personal messaging, document sharing, scheduling and link/resource sharing to a variety of classroom environments.
  13. CalendarServer.com is a free service for anyone to publish event schedule information in a monthly calendar view without any tedious HTML work
  14. Worksheet generators - This site list lots of other sites that will help generate puzzles and worksheets.
  15. SLATE Tools - A set of tools to create rubrics, bookmark lists, question sets.
  16. Discoveries Worksheet generator - creates worksheets for Vocabulary and Math.
  17. Response-O-Matic - add forms to your website with no programming
  18. Server.com - for many services such as listserv, calendaring, online discussions, this site provides free set up and use.
  19. ParaChat - Free Java base chat room for any web page
  20. HotPotatoes - This site includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.
  21. Quick Topic is an easy single-topic web bulletin board that's also fully email-enabled: you can get and post messages via email
  22. eBoard - message board with a plus - pictures.
  23. YahooGroups is a free email group service that allows you to easily create and join email groups. Email groups offer a convenient way to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas
  24. Quia - directory of thousands of online games and quizzes in more than 40 subject areas. Templates for creating twelve different types of online games, including flashcards, matching, concentration (memory), word search, hangman, challenge board, and rags to riches (a quiz-show style trivia game)
  25. Ditto - The place to find images on the web.
  26. efax - start getting faxes as email attachments.
  27. Zoomerang - Creat Surveys and get feedback quickly and easily.
  28. Crayon - Customized web newspaper created just for you everyday.
  29. Free Email on the Web - review of the free email sites
  30. Guestbook Server _- Add a web page to your site so that visitors can leave messages. This would be a wonderful way for parents to interact with their child's classroom.  Or you can use this as an online discussion forum.
  31. Terra Server - Views of much of the planet from space via satellite photographs. A great tool for the classroom.
  32. Maptech -The Maptech MapServer contains over 60,000 topographic maps, nautical charts, aeronautical charts, and aerial and satellite photographs covering the United States.
  33. Airphoto - Provides over 52,000 high quality stock aerial images.
  34. Convert-Me - Here you will find interactive calculators for many measurement systems both commonly used like metric and U.S. to the quite exotic like Ancient Greek and Roman.
  35. Find Sounds - does exactly as the title indicates
  36. MailCafe - Mail2Web- Mail and News.com reading email from any web browser has been the benefit of MailStart for some time, however they have started to charge for their service, so I am offering three others that allow reading of POP mail on the web.
  37. dialpad - call from computer to phone anywhere in the US for free.
  38. Basic Web Resources - collection of great links for finding data on the web.
  39. AtomicLearning - just in time learning tutorials for many software titles.
  40. ClassWeb - site that is devoted to providing educators with the tools to interact with their students and others.
  41. HPR*Tec - Regional Technology lab with staff development surveys and student resource lists of great value to educators.
  42. interactive Science Activities for Students and Educators - with easy class web page mounting.
  43. Bandwidth Speed test - checks the speed of your internet connection.
  44. EduWeb: Adventures - This site is the main gateway to all kinds of great adventures on the web.
  45. All the Tests - all types of tests available free on the web.