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Searching the Net? Here Are Places to Start


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  • Google so good it became a verb. It includes a search of Usenet discussions, a government search, an image search, maps, local listings and a new video search and viewing tool
  • Answers.com - gives them to you on an array of topics
  • LII - Useful sites organized and annotated by librarians in California and Washington
  • Wikipedia – the online encyclopedia with a difference. Very current content
  • Blinkx - Video from a wide variety of sources can be viewed and searched.
  • Clusty - meta searcher with "clustering".
  • About.com has humans who scour the Net and assemble mini-sites on a wide variety of topics.
  • Reference Desk excellent collection of well organized site links. A subjects covered
  • Beaucoup Listing of specialized databases on the web that cannot be accessed with other search tools
  • Spock People Search – specialized search engine to locate people
  • A9 - Amazons attempt at searching full text books online.
  • del.icio.us - social bookmarking site - why search for something that's already been found?
  • Fagan Finder - specialized meta searcher for ALL types of data


Ixquick Metasearch           

College and Career Resources

The Best Travel Links

Our Travel Blog

RV Navigator Podcast

·       Columbia 2008 Encyclopedia - full text of this famous one volume encyclopedia

·       Portals to the World - find information about hundreds of countries and thier best web sites.

·       StartSpot - starting points that cover numerous topics - people, government, travel, homework, plus more

·       Online Tutorial finder - Check here to find sites that offer online just in time learning.

·       Guidebeam - new search tool that creates customized portals on demand.

·       Country Report.org - up to date reference for statistics and facts about countries from around the world

·       Fast Search newest and largest of the search tools . Over 200,000 sites indexed.

·       Search Engines World Wide quite simply an extensive list of search engines and directories

·       Abuzz - people with questions get connected to people with answers

·       Ultimate Bulletin Board actual humans answering questions from each other

·       Wired Cybrarian Selected links, with descriptions, in two dozen categories

·       Looksmart searches a selection of sites chosen by humans, but emphasizes those who pay for placement.

·       Reference.com searches and archives mailing lists, web forums and Usenet groups.

·       ForumOne One-stop guide to forum topics around the Web

·       Deja.com (formerly Dejanews) lets you search for Usenet postings or posters


·       C|Net combines computer news, reviews, software and services. Also see their news.com and Snap! service

·       Achoo and The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences catalog health related sites

·       Gopher Jewels an index of gopher sites (yes, they still exist)

·       Archieplex: Search FTP archives around the Internet

·       Liszt and Tile.Net will help you find Internet mailing lists

·       Yack Guide to live events on the Web

·       Ultimate Google - Not official Google but takes advanced searching to the next level.


·       Digital Communication Tools

o      Podzinger - podcasting search tool

o      Podcast Alley - podcasting portal - tutorials, directory, rankings and tools.

o      Bloglines - Find blogs by topic and read them here.

o      Create a Blog - they are everywhere, but where do you start?

o      Blogpluse - les you search blogs and sutomatically find trends.

o      Flickr - Not quite blogging, but fascinating. Storytelling through photosharing.

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The Reference Desk

o      Refdesk leads you to a world of reference materials.

o      Time Ticker - Tells you the time anyplace in the world.

o      OnLine Converstion - makes over 8000 conversions available with the click of a mouse

o      Library Spot - Extensive guide to online reference works.

o      YourDictionary.com and Onelook give access to hundreds of dictionaries, specialized and general

o      National Geographic's Map Machine - great mapping site

o      Encyclopedia Britannica - the real thing now for free

o      Research It all-in-one reference desk: dictionary, quotes, translators, more

o      Onelook has 260 dictionaries, specialized and general

o      Roget's Internet Thesaurus

o      Visual Thesaurus - a new way to look at word connections

o      Information Please Almanac Almanac, dictionary and the full Columbia Encyclopedia

o      Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia brief, cross-referenced biographies of more than 15,000 notables.

o      Travlang language-to-language translation dictionaries

o      Shark Talk: Nolo's Law Dictionary

o      Gov Spot - index of US government web accessible info.

o      FedWorld Information Services: Comprehensive guide to Government databases

o      Gov Engine.com - Organizes federal, state, and local government links.

o      50 States.Com - comprehensive information about each state

o      FirstGov gives organized access to a variety of government web sites and services.

o      Hardin Medical data - catalogs health-related sites and databases

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Special Reference Sites

o      ConvertIt converts measurements, currencies, timezones and more

o      The Elements of Style The 1918 version

o      Yahoo Yellow Pages comprehensive yellow page index of business throughout North America

o      ZIP Code search fast easy way to look up ZIP (and ZIP+4) codes for any U.S. address

o      Area Code Decoder enables you to look up country, area, and city telephone codes.

o      C.I.A. World Factbook

o      Library of Congress,

o      The New York Public Library

o      Chicago Public Library

o      The World Wide Web Virtual Library

o      National Library of Medicine and Medline

o      The Merck Manual, guide to diseases

o      RxList: The Internet Drug Index Extensive information on prescription and over-the-counter drugs

o      Nutrient database from the U.S.D.A.

o      West's Legal Directory and Martindale-Hubbell's Lawyer Locator

o      U.S. Patents since 1971, from I.B.M.

o      I.R.S. information and publications. For more tax sites, try taxsites.com.

o      Citynet guide to Net information in and about major cities

o      Metroscope city, business, entertainment guides for major cities

o      Mapquest gives a street-level map for any U.S. address

o      Social Security death index

o      Consumer World has consumer finance rates, company contacts, consumer information

o      Currency converter from Olsen & Associates converts from any currency to another

o      Cost-of-living calculator and other useful tools

o      How Far Is It? gives the distance between two cities

o      U.S. Naval Observatory clock

o      state and local government websites - find sites for local governmental units.

o      Free Email Providers Guide - the definitive source for free email, over 1300 sources listed.

o      State and County QuickFacts - from US Census bureau

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Telephone & E-mail Directories

o      InfoSpace personal, business and goverment phone, fax and e-mail

o      Switchboard nationwide telephone and address directory

o      AnyWho reverse lookup, phone numbers, addresses, find your neighbors, all on one site

o      Zip2 Yellow Pages lets you search businesses by name, category, or distance from your home

o      Directory of toll free numbers from Infospace

o      Big Yellow National business yellow pages and residential listings from NYNEX

o      Thomas Register of Manufacturers

o      WhoWhere, Internet Address Finder and Yahoo People Finder can help find e-mail addresses

o      Network Solutions domain name database

o      Zip Code and Zip+4 Finder Simple and efficient, but sometimes busy. Also try the Postal Service.

o      Superpages.com National business yellow pages and residential listings from Verizon

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Publications on the Net

Breaking News & Daily Publications

o      Today's Front Pages - Visual listing of the fronts of 240 newspapers from around the world

o      ABC News offers top news, including the current ABC radio report, and (large) video clips.

o      Agence France-Presse world report from Yahoo Asia

o      BBC News British Broadcasting Corporation

o      CNN Interactive and CNNfn

o      Fox News Clean, simple search of AP and Reuters wires

o      MSNBC, from Microsoft and NBC News

o      NPR Online from National Public Radioss

o      Al Jazeera - English-language service, from the middle eastern television network.

o      Digg - News stories as voted by users.


o      Boston.com, from The Boston Globe

o      The Electronic Telegraph from The Daily Telegraph of London

o      The Gate, from the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

o      Los Angeles Times

o      Philadelphia Inquirer

o      San Jose Mercury News

o      The Times of London

o      USA Today

o      The Wall Street Journal

o      The Washington Post

o      The Chicago Tribune

o      Chicago Sun-Times Online

o      GoogleNews - the first "bot" created current news site.

o      Newsdirectory.com provides quick and easy access to web sites of hundreds of publications by name, location or subject.

o      1stHeadlines offers headlines from 50-some news organizations

o      Media Central, from Cowles New Media, stays on top of media and marketing

o      NewsHub culls technology business headlines from major Web sites

o      News Index and TotalNews search for breaking news on the Web

o      Newspaper archives on the Web from the Special Libraries Association

o      Wired News and Newsbot

o      The European Journalism page

o      Newsahead upcoming news events around the globe

o      Full Text Daily News Archives - links page of searchable full text news article sites

o      Newspaper archives on the Web Provides links to United States news archives available on the Web

Magazines & Features

o      The Atlantic

o      CareerPath.com,a classified ad service from many papers (including The Times)

o      The Drudge Report

o      Salon cyber-literary-trend Web publication

o      Law.com legal news from several sources

o      Mr. Showbiz, entertainment news and gossip from Starwave

o      National Inquirer The supermarket tabloid comes to the Web

o      Pathfinder and Netly News from Time-Warner

o      Rolling Stone

o      The Drudge Report - the influcencial and very current news rumor site

o      Slate, Microsoft's cyber magazine

o      Thrive Health and fitness features and information

o      United Media, a collection of comics

o      U.S. News

o      The Onion and Modern Humorist Comic relief

Guides to Many Publications

o      Newslink, a guide to newspapers, magazines and broadcast organizations.

o      Ecola's 24 hour newsstand, quick and easy access to web sites of more than 900 publications

o      Electric Book Newspapers, magazines, e-zines and books online

o      Editor & Publisher's MediaInfo Links also read Steve Outing's Stop the Presses column here.)

o      Newspaper Association of America

o      The Electronic Newsstand

o      Project Gutenberg

o      Newspapers of the world on the Internet -yahoo like index of newspapers online

o      International Affairs.com - extensive list of links to news sources from around the world

o      The European Journalism page

o      News Directory and The Paper Boy- provides quick and easy access to web sites of hundreds of publications by name, location or subject.

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o      Project Vote Smart, a guide to candidates and issues

o      All Politics from Time and CNN

o      Congressional Quarterly's American Voter and Vote Watch

o      Federal Election Commission data on campaign contributions

o      Federal Election Commission data in a more useful format, compiled by two former F.E.C. employees

o      The American Presidency a history of the office from Grolier Online

o      Congressional Guide A wealth of information on members and committees of the 105th Congress, from Capitol Advantage

o      Congressional Quarterly's Campaigns and Elections

o      Congressional roll calls from Congressional Observer Publications

o      Council on Foreign Relations tracks the candidates on foreign policy issues

o      Policy.com offers looks at major national issues from various perspectives

o      Turn Left calls itself the home of liberalism on the Web

o      Political Points, also from The Times on the Web, has more political links

o      Democratic National Committee

o      Democrats.com has relaunched as an online community site for Democrats

o      Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

o      Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

o      Republican National Committee

o      National Republican Congressional Committee

o      National Republican Senatorial Committee

o      State Republican parties and candidates

o      Libertarian Party

o      Reform Party of Ross Perot fame

o      The Green Parties of North America

o      Democratic Socialists of America

o      Communist Party U.S.A.

o      Socialist Party U.S.A.

o      New Party

o      Natural Law Party

o      Constitution Party formerly United States Taxpayers Party

o      The Hill Capitol Hill newspaper

o      The Media Studies Center is studying how the public feels about political news coverage

o      PBS Democracy Project

o      Politics 2000 from Salon

o      Roll Call Online Capitol Hill newspaper

o      The Skeleton Closet, a bipartisan listing of character allegations against the candidates

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The Chicago and Illinois on the Web

Chicago City

o      Chicago Traveler - many links to interesting things to do in the second city.

o      Millennium Park - One of Chicagos newest lake front attractions. Spectacular location with multiple attractions.

o      Chicago Architecture Foundation take a walking or bus tour of Chicago's famous buildings

o      Explore Chicago

o      Chicago Mosaic official Chicago homepage also traffic info

o      Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau

o      The Best of Chicago

o      An Essential Chicago Guide

o      Yahoo! Chicago

o      A Great Restaurant Guide

o      Guide to Chicago Museums

o      Chicago Public Library

o      Chicago Virtual Tourist

o      CTA

o      Chicago's Airports


o      Lincoln Park Zoo

o      Adler Planetarium

o      Shedd Aquarium

o      Chicago Architecture

Fine Arts

o      The Chicago Symphony

o      Jazz in Chicago

o      Lyric Opera of Chicago

o      Sandburg's Chicago Poems

o      Metromix - Chicago's leading entertainment guide.


o      General Information

o      Illinois State Board of Education

o      Tourism

o      Brookfield Zoo - everything about Chicago's largest zoo

o      Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - a must see in Springfield

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o      AddALL no-frills book price comparison service.

o      Amazon The online megastore. Books, music, videos, games, electronics, auctions -- and growing

o      Bankrate.com and E-loan can help find the best interest rates for a mortgage, auto, credit card or other loan

o      Bizrate lets you see how fellow consumers rate online merchants and compares prices

o      BizWeb: Internet commercial sites by category

o      Buy.com good prices and service on electronics, books, music and video.

o      Buyer's Index searches 19,000 Web sites and catalogs for the product you seek.

o      CD Now Playcentric and Alphacraze Discounts for music, videos and dvds.

o      Cheap Tickets and Hotwire help you find bargains on travel if you're flexible

o      Consumer Search Reviews of products from a variety of publications

o      DeepDiscountDVD has consistently low DVD prices, and now has a DeepDiscountCD service.

o      Ebay The online auction house and storefront

o      Epinions has consumer reviews of many products, and price comparisons

o      Internet Fashion Mall

o      NetMarket has discounts on brand name goods.

o      PriceLine lets you name your own price for travel, cars or mortgages, and see if anyone will bite.

o      PriceGrabber and PriceScan compare prices for computer hardware and software, electronics, movies and books.

o      Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, Trip.com have airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, travel information

o      Travelzoo collects special travel offers from many sites

o      Travel Links series of travellinks that are invaluable for both general information and pricing.

o      JohnnyJet - Hundreds of travel related links plus an interesting commentary about the travel industry.

o      Craigs list - free site that offers "want ad" type of listing for all type of stuff and services.


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o      YouTube - 1000s of short videos of every kind uploaded by the general public

o      Rotten Tomatoes - movie reviews, database of movie info and much more

o      Movie Review Query Engine Find movie reviews from all over

o      he Internet Movie Database

o      Movielink from 777-FILM has theater times and advance ticket purchases in major cities

o      Ticketmaster has information and tickets for music, theater and sporting events

o      Film.com News from the movie industry, as well as links to film resources and studios around the Web

o      Reel surveys your movie tastes and recommends ones it thinks you'll like

o      Atom Films offers short films and animations on the Web

o      RadioLovers.com - Old Time Radio Shows They hundreds of vintage radio shows for you to listen to online in mp3 format, all for free


o      TitanTV a new tv schedule source with emphasis on digial media - HDTV listings as well as the usual listing

o      TV Guide Now includes an extensive movie database

o      Gist provides customized TV listings

o      PBS Online

o      The Discovery Channel Online

o      Culturefinder has schedules for the performing arts around the U.S.

o      National Endowment for the Arts

o      World Wide Arts Resources

o      NWHQ:Independent artists on the Web

o      The Louvre More fun to visit in person, but you can see many exhibits without leaving home.

o      Art on the Net, an exhibit by 80 artists, and links to other art sites

o      Coffee Break Arcade - Free Online Games Links to over 100 free online games grouped into 6 category

o      Broadcast.com Audio and video of all sorts, from all over

o      mp3.com makes a wide variety of music available in its eponymous Internet format

o      Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

o      Internet Underground Music Archives

o      Classical Music Archive Thousands of classical music samples in midi format

o      Epicurious, the Food Network, Recipes from the Net and Gemini and Leo's recipe links will help you answer the question, "What's for dinner?"

o      AdCritic.com - you'll find your favorite TV commercials in Quicktime

o      Classical Music archive - An extensive collection of classical music to hear and download

o      Pandora - using the music genome porject, you can create a customized radtion station on the web.


| Net Search Data Collections | Reference | Directories | Publications | Politics | Chicago Related | Commerce | Entertainment | Sports | odds and ends | Education Specific

Sports & Recreation

o      ESPN SportsZone

o      Sportsline from CBS

o      CNN/SI from CNN and Sports Illustrated

o      The Sports Network gives up to the minute news and results

o      Allsports has news, scores, odds, audio feeds and more

o      Total Sports well organized sports news, plus Head to Head Baseball, which lets you compete online with others using real players' stats.

o      NFL.com from the N.F.L.

o      majorleaguebaseball.com from Major League Baseball

o      GORP, the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages, has extensive information on parks and outdoor activities of all sorts

o      The WWW Bicycle Lane A bit dated, but still a good collection of links

o      The Tennis Server has news, schedules, rules and more

o      Golf.com and GolfWeb cover the golf world

o      The Chicago Bulls

o      Michael Jordan

o      The Chicago White Sox

o      The Chicago Cubs

o      Chicago Bears

o      Chicago Blackhawks

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Odds and Ends - Web specific demonstrations and miscellany

o      Rollyo - Create personal search engines using only the sources that you trust.

o      Thinkfree- create MS office compatible wp, ss, and preso files ONLINE, no software to download +1 gig of storage

o      QuickBrowse - lets you combine and fetch Web pages you frequently read into one long page.

o      How Stuff Works tells you just that

o      Cool Site of the Day

o      Useless Pages Useless, maybe, but fun.

o      Ghost Sites of the Web will guide you to some of the rusting hulks along the information superhighway.

o      The F.B.I.'s Most Wanted

o      Learn2.com teaches you how to do useful everyday things

o      Sites for parents and children from the American Library Association

o      Tarot Card Reader, I Ching and moree

o      iVillage and women.com concentrate on the women's perspective.

o      Internet virus myths and Virus hoax information from the U.S. Energy Department

o      Vmyths - virus and internet myths explained.

o      Urban Legends Reference Pages help you avoid passing bogus chain e-mails to your friends.

o      Earthcam and Jasbits Netcams - have links to live cameras all over the Net

o      Purportal - reference to combat hoaxes and misinformation about technology such as urban legends

o      The Wayback Machine archives many Web pages back to 1996.

o      dMarie time Capsule - put in the date and year and find out a ton of things that happened on that date...from history to movies.

o      Fontifier - create a font in your own handwriting for fre

o      No Telemarket - plays the tones that will stop telemarketing calls

o      HotSpotList - a directory of public 802.11b hot spots for finding WiFi wirele WiFi connection points listed

o      Backflip - store your bookmarks on the web of access from any computer in the world.

o      Earthcam and Jasbits Netcams have links to live cameras all over the Net

o      Voip Review - reviews various VOIP services

o      EyeSpot - video editing on the web. Upload your clips and you'll be ready to start editing.

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Data Collections for Research

o      FedWorld Information Services: Comprehensive guide to Government databases

o      Microsoft Live Local - Aerial maps of the US - add your own push pins for important locations.

o      Microsoft Terra Server - Satellite images of large portions of the US.

o      Google Maps - takes online maps to a new level

o      NASA World Wind - 3D satellite photos - largest photo library on the web.

o      Federal Government Agencies, a clean, easy-to-use listing

o      Federal Web Locator allows searching

o      Federal Information Exchange

o      Fedstats collects and organizes statistics from 70 agencies

o      National Archives and Records Administration catalogs records held by Government agencies

o      Statesearch, state-level information on a variety of topics

o      The White House

o      House of Representatives

o      The Senate

o      GPO Access searches the Federal Register, U.S. Code, Congressional bills and other Government publications

o      Thomas, the Library of Congress information service. Also try the experimental Web catalog

o      Census Bureau home page, 1990 Census tables and Ferret, for recent population and income data

o      National Criminal Justice Reference Service

o      Criminal justice links assembled by Cecil Greek at the University of South Florida

o      United States Geological Survey, current earthquake information and Earthquake Information Center

o      United Nations and U.N. Web locator

o      FindLaw has an extensive collection of legal links

o      KnowX Free and low-cost information about lawsuits, bankruptcies, U.C.C. and other public filings for businesses and individuals

o      Virtual Gumshoe has a variety of useful investigative links

o      Federal Aviation Administration databases of airline safety reports

o      Landings Comprehensive aviation site offers databases of plane registrations, service difficulty reports, pilot certifications

o      UniSci gives updates on scientific research at U.S. universities

o      Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has links and information, including a fill-in-the-blanks Freedom of Information request. (This list of Federal freedom of information officers may be useful, as well as this New York State FOI page)

o      The Freedom Forum Journalism, journalism education and first amendment issues

o      Telecommunications information resources: social, economic, political

o      The Smoking Gun presents (undigested) documents obtained from court files and through freedom of information requests

Education/Teacher Specific

Great Teacher Resources Page

o      Welcome to EduNET! A great source to locate top education sites on the internet. Many links organized by subject area

o      PiNet Library -- The Landmark Project Great site for organizing and caputing content for webquests.

o      The Gateway to Educational Materials - lesson plans, curriculum units and other Free educational metasearch tool provide by the US dept of Ed. Lesson plans, curriculum and classroom related materials

o      The Lesson Plans Page - Over 1,500 Lesson Plans

o      Scout Report Archives A small but superb annotated A-to-Z index of web information resources.

o      Web 66 Large searchable site that lists all of the homepages of K-12 institutions throughout the world

o      Blue Web'n Applications Library A comprehensive database of links to lesson plans and Net integration tips.

o      Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Great resource of lesson plans and other information for teachers.

o      Education and Technology links Features include a database of education and technology links

o      Homework center of the Multnomah County Library - Divide resources into 40 logical categories

o      WannaLearn links to online tutorals in many categories both academic and recreational.

o      eHow - teaches you to do many everyday things.

o      HPRTec - Region lab that has created some great online resources for teachers to utilize the web. Includes trackStar, RubiStar, QuizStar and NoteStar.

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