Invisible Web Search tools, a directory of over 10,000 searchable databases on the World Wide Web.

Metor - invisible web searching tool

Beacuoup - unusual name but has an extensive database of invisible sites

The Complete Planet


Researchville- Easy to use, comprehensive news and research portal that provides self-directed access to over 650 specialty databases, local newspapers, and search engines.

Choosing an Invisible Web database

Find Articles - free article web search tool

Electronic Journal Miner -

Archive- for locating great works of art

Around the World in 80 sites -

Home page for the Invisible web book by Chris Sherman and Gary Price

The Future of the Invisible Web

Citeseer -



Articles explaining the Invisible Web Web:

Ken's article "The Invisible Web for Educators"

Those Dark Hiding Places - the Invisible web revealed

Exposing the Invisible Web - article

BrightPlanet's deepweb FAQ

"The Web Gets Deeper" - article from searchenginewatch that describes new developments. (August, 00)

Deep Net Fishing - new tools are fishing the web we never see. From the Industry Standard, June, 01

The Invisible Web: Database contents rarely found in search engines - in addition to content, it has a nice listing of directories of searchable databases. updated Spring, 01.

I can search the 'invisible Web.' Here's how you can, too - article from CNET, February, 2001.

Search technologies explore the 'invisible' Web - Software scours the billions of Web pages that are left unindexed by mainstream search engines. TechReport from the USA Today, July, 2000.

The Invisible Web:Where Search Engines Fear to Go - HomeBiz Guides, 2001

Exploring the Invisible Web - 2001 article posted on SearchEngine Position.