Picture Resources:

Pictures of Places- hundreds of photos of interesting places throughout the world.

Lonely Planet Images - Lonely Planet Images is a digital stock library with a unique and comprehensive collection of over 120,000 travel related images taken by some of the best travel photographers in the business.

Fake or Foto - can you tell which are real photographs?

Digital Photography Resources: GREAT ideas!

Kodak's Digital Learning Center:

Lesson Plans from Kodak.com

Beginners Guide to Digital Photography

Digital Photography Workshop - many more links

"Shapes In Nature" lesson from Lessonplans.com

"Digital Quilt" lesson plan

Digital Cameras in the Classroom

1001 Uses for a digital camera - This site is designed as a reference tool putting educators in touch with creative educational applications for digital cameras in educational settings. Submitted lessons and applications that have been used successfully in the classroom will be displayed for other educators to view and print.

Digital Cameras and Education -

Photoshop Elements resource center - video lessons that cover various topics in PSE

More Online Resources for teachers: These links all have lesson plans and ideas for ways you can use digital photography.

• Track Star lesson plan database for teachers

• middleschool.net




• Inspiring Teachers

Apple learning interchange (ALI)lesson plans

• Newsweek Education Program

National Middle School Association

Project Based Learning- This site helps teachers create assessments for project based assignments

Rubric Construction Site - Step by step construction of various types of rubrics!

Global Schoolhouse

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers: http://www.essdack.org/tips/index.html

Lesson Plans Page http://www.lessonplanspage.com/

Education World: http://www.education-world.com/

• Awesome Library of links for teachers and students

MultiMedia Resources

Media Literacy Activities - These Media Literacy Activities ask students to critically examine and analyze the multimedia projects of others, especially those they find in the real world around them. Frequently the media literacy activities complement production activities where students work on their own multimedia projects.

Multimedia Student Production Activities - The Production Activities have students actively involved in the processes of planning, doing, revising, and assessing. These activities will typically be assigned only once in the production process but may be referred to or used in assessment at several points.

Getting Started with Digial Photo Projects

Photoshop Elements Challenge - everyone starts witht the same raw photo. How does it end up?

Lesson Page from Adobe - several interesting projects that can be adopted for your needs.

The Decal Factory - everything you need to make your own decals

Amazing Postcards - upload your digital photos to send to friends

Adobe Elements Lessons in PDF (download to use)-

1. Liquify

2. Fixing Scanned Images

3. Background for webpage

4.Create a greeting card

5. Animate with Layers

6.Create a web gallary

Class files for use in class:






2004 calendar template

Restore this photo

Peppers for coloring

Kids for aging




Panorama Originals

Estate left

Estate center

Estate right