The lastest trends to keep you up to date:Selecting a Digital Camera

Sizing up smartphone cameras

Film Processing Goes Digital

10 Online Photo Editors that you need to Bookmark

What's better: A camera that shoos movies or a videocam that records still pictures?

Top 10 multifunction inkjet printers - review

Top 10 inkjet printers - comparison reviews

Bringing old negatives into the Digial Age - film scanner reviews (you may have to search for the title)

5 Tips for taking great Cell phone pictures

Digital Photos 101 Website dedicated to getting the best from you digital camera

Kodak stops kodachrome film production(article)

12 Megapixel Camera reviews

Still Cameras that shoot video vs video cameras that shoot stills

Die-hards hold out as film fades -

Selected links that you may find useful:New Stuff (7-09):

Photo Education/tutorals

  1. Kodak Digital Learning Center - Great training resource with fully illustrated courses in digital photography - all free
  2. Photo Seminars -
  3. Short Course in Choosing a Digital Camera -
  4. How do I do that? - everything you wanted to know about digital photography
  5. Scanner Tips - pages and pages of great scanning tips
  6. Links to scanning resources
  7. Choosing a Digital Camera - 6 part series

The NEW Photoshop Elements 7 fact sheets

Photoshop Tutorial links

Photoshop elements Tutorials

Photoshop Elements online course

Download a free 30 day trial

Photoshop Elements User Group

Additional Photoshop Elements stuff

Shopping for and working with your Inkjet printer

Printer Comparison shopping chart/finder with ratings - this ZD net site lists most printers in various catelgories with the ability to sort by price, ranking, category and other criteria.

Is Cheap Ink worth the price? - comparison of the quality vs price of 3rd party injet carts.

Digital Art Supplies - An Internet supplies of a variety of inkjet related products. They have great multipacks of a variety of papers that you can experiment with.

Epson Inkjet printers - You can come straight to the source for information on papers, printers, profiles and tech support.

Ilford - the long-time manufacturer of black and white films and papers now makes inkjet products as well.

Ink Jet Art - This site is another good resource with plenty of tips on printers, papers and ink sets.

Ink Supply - This is Th. home of MIS inks for Epson printer, which are a hybrid of dye and pigment. Besides inks, you'll also find lots of information and papers.

Ink Jet Mall - A good resource for information and tutorials well as archival inks, papers, and profiles. You can get profiles for specific ink/paper combinations.

Wilhelm Image Research - The definitive source for archival information. Check their site if you're seeking info on the stability of various media.

Ink4Art - Great site for discounted ink for all types of printers. Both printer brand and their own ink cartridges are sold.

Top 10 Inkjets compared -

General Digital Photo Links

  1. Popular Photography Magazine - much of their great content is on the web for free
  2. About's guide to Digital Photography - About's guide takes you through the main topics in this field
  3. Buying a digital camera guide
  4. 20-20 Consumer - Comparative pricing and retailer ratings
  5. Photography and Digital Imaging Resources -
  6. Digital Photography Review - web site of the magazine
  7. PC Photo Magazine - web site of the magazine
  8. ShutterBug - This site runs the gamut of photo interest from novice to advanced.
  9. eDigital Photo - Comprehensive site to compliment the magazine.
  10. Digital Camera Resources - all things for digital photographers
  11. Digital PhotoCorner - in depth material for beginners as well as a mix of features for more advanced photographers
  12. ZD Net - Getting Started with Digital Photography
  13. MacWorld reviews of 1 Megapixel cameras - review of basic cameras
  14. The best page of digital photo links
  15. PhotoLinks - a portal page for digital photography
  16. New York Institute of Photography's "Everything you wanted to know about digital photography and then some" - on line tutorial
  17. The Digital Corner
  18. Digital Photography Tips & FAQs - Tips, hints and FAQs for digital cameras, image scanners, and digital imaging in general. 
  19. Inkjetmall- fine art inkjet technology
  20. Digital Photo links
  21. Wilhelm Research - Ink-jet papers and ink test results.
  22. PC Photo Review - alot of general information with users able to post their own reviews of products.
  23. Steve's Digicams - alot of up to the minute news items can be found here
  24. - largest set of digital photo links on the web.
  25. A Different view - photos and collages. Examples of what can be done with your photo editing tools.
  26. Buying Digital Cameras

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Visual Blast - Tons of great links and resources for the visual junkie


YesVideo - converts old videotapes to DVDs.

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