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IM is For Adults in the Work Place, too

New research from InsightExpress reveals that IM is seen as a tool in the workplace and not a distraction. Further findings include the following:

  • Among office users, 39 percent say IM increases their productivity.
  • Forty-nine percent use IM instead of a telephone call.
  • Thirty-five percent use it instead of email.

The most cited features and benefits of IM are:

  • To see a buddy online (82 percent)
  • To see when a buddy signs on or off (70 percent)
  • To replace a telephone call (49 percent)
  • To block messages from unknown users (42 percent)
  • To replace email (35 percent)

According to a recent Reuters article, AOL has 41.7 million IM users at home, up 21 percent from last year. MSN users rose 94 percent to 18.5 million, while Yahoo!'s users rose 25 percent to reach 11.9 million. At work, AOL has 8.8 million, MSN has 4.8, and Yahoo! has 3.4.