1. Sony multifunction DVD recorder
  2. Protopage - instant web page creation for free -anyone can have a web page
  3. Eyespot - free online video editing system. Upload your video and start combining clips, adding titles, transisitions, etc.
  4. Google - cool and useful internet tools - Google mobile
  5. Google maps and snapshots
  6. Ancestry search - Start your geneology search here.
  7. YouTube the portal to video on the web
  8. Karaoke - Test your talent and judge others - Singshot
  9. CAST - Using technology to help the aging process
  10. JaJah - Free internet phone calls - no hardware necessary.
  11. FlightStats - flight information for any airline.
  12. Flickr - store and search for photos
  13. WisemanTech Basic Web Resources - collection of great links for finding data on the web.
  14. Dogeit - Through away email account. Use once and forget it.
  15. RottenTomatoes - consolidated movie ratings.
  16. Backflip - the place to store and share you bookmarks.
  17. Fontifier- instantly create a computer font from your handwriting - no matter how bad it is!
  18. efax - start getting faxes as email attachments.
  19. Trip Advisor - read user reviews before you go
  20. Disk Map- visual view of your harddrive -Mac too
  21. Press Display - Newspaper front pages from around the world - updated daily.
  22. For the Grand Kids - Webkinz- The Story Spieler - Storynory
  23. Tiny URL - takes those long URLS and make them short enough to remember.
  24. Bandwidth Speed test - checks the speed of your internet connection. Alterative site
  25. Convert anything to anything - complete online converter
  26. The Free Site- cool technology stuff that's free.
  27. Mail2Web - reading email from any web browser on any computer any place in the world is the advantage of this service.
  28. Gas Buddy - latest gas prices
  29. All the Tests - all types of tests available free on the web.
  30. Test Your Digital IQ - answer these 69 questions to check your digital literacy.
  31. Price Grabber - Your new shopping helper - it finds the lowest prices
  32. Coffee Break Arcade - Gives you links to over 100 free online games of all types.
  33. Internet Movies Database - A free searchable database of over 260,000 film and TV productions since 1892.
  34. Popcap Games - A collection of free, online, Java-based games that you can play on any internet connected PC or Mac.
  35. Download.com - 800 pound gorilla of software download sites. Huge collection of free and shareware programs. Also check out versiontracker
  36. In4mador - Check out their constantly updated collection of links to interesting and fun websites.